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When an appliance in your home stops working properly, it can disrupt your entire schedule. Not only does a broken appliance make it difficult to perform common daily tasks such as doing your laundry, washing your dishes, or cooking dinner, but it also can cause significant damage to your home.

This includes water damage, flooding, and fires that can all wreak havoc on your home, posing a safety risk to your family. In less extreme cases, you can end up with a refrigerator full of spoiled food or a freezer full of thawed meat. Either way, ensuring your appliances are operating at optimal function is crucial in maintaining an orderly house and consistent routine.

Our goal is to keep 100% customer satisfaction. We aim to keep our customers happy by providing a friendly professional service. We Serve Greater Toronto, Hamilton Region and Niagara Locations.
In Canada, the average household does 400 loads of laundry per year.
Are you having issues with the temperature control in your oven?
A range stove is one of the most common appliances in Canadian households.
Your freezer keeps food fresh by making sure it’s completely frozen, ensuring...
Cooktops are a great addition to your kitchen They take up less space than a typical...
Wine Cooler
Wine coolers are a symbol of sophistication and good taste in many homes across the...


We service major appliance brands, modules, and makes. Prime delivers the quality repairs you expect and deserve. We aim to be on-site within the hour, ready to offer efficient service at an affordable rate.

What Sets Prime Appliance Apart?

Prime delivers the quality repairs you expect and deserve. We understand your time is valuable, and a broken appliance can be a major disruption to your routine. That’s why we aim to be on-site within the hour, ready to offer efficient service at an affordable rate.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

James Foreman03/02/2020

Invoice #1761. I called Prime Appliance Repairs to inspect my leaking washing machine. I was impressed with the quality of service throughout the experience. My technician Jack was very thorough and...Read more


Invoice # 1416- The washing machine of my Parents (who are seniors) broke down due to a common issue I that I discovered with front load washing machines. The washing machine started to make a loud knocking...Read more

Reno Capano02/19/2020

I had a service technician look at my faulty washing machine. He was extremely professional, and made sure to explain what was wrong. What I appreciate the most is that the Manager called to make sure I was...Read more

Craig Gibson01/11/2020

Very professional approach to appliance repair. Kept in contact to let me know when the part was available and then quickly scheduled the repair. Clean, friendly and communicative. Really worth using. Highly...Read more

suneel Sharma03/05/2020

I used Daniel twice now. Once for a washing machine and once for my freezer. Very thorough inspection. good thought process in diagnosing the problem. Excellent customer service. Will recommend to all my...Read more

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